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Yangunsamnok in capsules, designed to improve potency, enhance testosterone (ie, correction of weight in men), improve the outflow of venous blood from the pelvic organs, eliminating discomfort and pain.

In men with decreased libido and erectile 1 every 3 & ndash; 4 months restored libido, erection is greatly enhanced, extended sexual intercourse, orgasm is qualitatively changing.

The product surpasses analogues in the speed of action (result 1 hour after admission), minor side effects (blood pressure rise to 10 – 15 units that do not require any special adjustment), with regular admission & mdash; daily for 10 days — lasting effect. If necessary, you can repeat the course. Typically, a single reception on demand.

Improves the condition of the prostate gland, it stimulates the production of sperm, a qualitative change in the contents of the secreted. Indicated for the treatment of male infertility.

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