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Tongbanghangamso — the world's only anti–cancer drug made only from plant components, with proven high efficiency (average 82%), no side reactions with very good tolerability. In clinical trials since 1995. and use of the drug for the treatment of cancer patients in the East, it was revealed the following characteristics:
  • 95% efficiency, while maintaining the immunological parameters of cancer patients during chemotherapy – and radiotherapy;
  • 90% efficiency to prevent recurrence and metastasis y cancer early and interim period, prevention of complications after surgery;
  • 82% efficiency in a complete cure of cancer patients with a combination of the interim period c radio and chemotherapy;
  • 95% efficacy in the treatment of cancer patients in the first stage without metastases.

Tonbanhanamso includes specific extracts isolated from Korean ginseng, Aralia and other medicinal plants.

One package contains tools:
  • Three kinds of polysaccharides, restoring an adequate immune response (0.5 g);
  • Three types of anticancer extracts of vegetable origin (1.0 g);
  • Several types of plant extracts, reducing innervation tissues (0.5 g);
  • Extracts of the medicinal plants, giving a balanced work of the autonomic nervous system, normalizes inhibition and excitation processes, relieves spasms of smooth muscles, the analgesic effect (1.0 g).
Also, the product contains additional anticancer components extracts reinforcing effect above means.


Tonbanhanamso available in bags. The bag contains soluble granules. Each sachet of 4.5 grams of the drug. One package - 30 packets as one package is designed for one month of treatment. Use of ½ the contents of the package in the morning and ½ package — in the evening or on prescription.

Treatment of patients is performed at all stages of disease.

First stage: Only the application of this drug can decrease the size of the tumor, preventing the development of metastases, improves the general condition, normalization of blood counts.

In combination with chemotherapy or radiotherapy can be expected to decrease the tumor, reduce side effects of chemo or radiotherapy.

The use of this preparation should begin in 5 – 10 days prior to the first treatment of chemotherapy – or to radio waves, and continue during the entire treatment period. Duration of reception from 3 to 6 months, depending on the location, nature of the flow, the size of the tumor and associated diseases.

The second stage: size reduction or complete tumor resolution, maintaining normal blood parameters, restoring the functions of internal organs.

During this period, the remaining abnormal cells are destroyed. Usually in the second stage of treatment can be applied only Tonbanhanamso without additional chemicals, with the effect of treatment is equally high.

Third stage: prevention of recurrence and metastasis due to the harmonious functioning of all organs and systems, including adequate reaction of the immune system.

C this purpose, the drug is used 1 – 3 months (total course of treatment may last from 3 – to 6 months).

For prevention of cancer can be used 1 box (30 bags) once every 5 years.

This method of treatment (three stages) may be used for the treatment of cancer patients, even those with no possibility to receive chemotherapy – or radiotherapy.

Application Tonbanhanamso for 2 – 3 months y cancer patients in the third period c metastases in lymph nodes recovery is longer.

To improve the effectiveness of the treatment offer to consult fitoterapevta that you properly balance the whole course of treatment and recovery. If necessary, add adjuvants.

Direct contraindications are not present.
No side effects.

  • During the application Tonbanhanamso prohibited from taking adaptogens, immunostimulants, immunomodulators, since the quality of care will decrease.
  • During treatment, the diet of the patient should include: red and black berries, kelp, salted fish and vegetables (preferably in the form of dinner stewed with spices). Exclude: chicken, eggs, pork, lamb and other meat products, as well as tomatoes, rice, boiled potatoes, vinegar.
Only 2 – 3 months after full recovery is possible to eat any kind of meat and add adaptogens.

Storage conditions:

Store in a cool and dark place.


A unique product was developed Tongbanghangamso Korean team of scientists of the Eastern high–efficiency Pharmacological Center.

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