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The best effect against thrombosis

Rim Il Shin, MD, research fellow, office of clinical test clinical research Institute "Erikon", 05.07.2014

Now almost 60 percent of the world's population suffers from circulatory diseases main cause is a thrombosis. In a healthy person the balance is maintained peculiar tromborezistentnosti and krovosnabjaemah that all the time optimally regulates the blood circulation. And when imbalance occurs the formation of thrombus, leading to obstruction or complete cessation of blood flow.

her Immediate surroundings this imbalance is a pathological change of the vessel wall and thickening of the blood, slowing and irregularity of the blood flow from hypertension or hypotension. They are caused by obesity in the blood, reducing EN-toxicitiy of the body and acidification of body fluids.

Trying to find the perfect remedy for effective healing and prevention of thrombosis, in 10 years we carried out different clinical trials.

the Now widely known means against thrombosis has a strong thrombolytic effect, but they contain many chemical elements, so there are serious side effects, especially bleeding.

In the blood of excessive fats, turning into a lipid peroxide, are deposited along blood vessel walls and combines with fibrin in the blood, form intravascular clots, which in many cases are glued on the wall like a growth. And in their dissolution with thrombolytic agents damaged the place on the wall of blood vessels, and, moreover, with cravate received. Therefore, the cure that we are looking for should not cause bleeding along with the dissolution of thrombosis and strengthen leniem the walls of blood vessels.

a Number of highly active thrombolytic agents too dissolves clots in the blood, which leads to negative consequences. When too fast dissolve clots in the human body automatically is multiplied by the peculiar blood-clotting in order to maintain the balance. And, sometimes, it may complicate the disease. Some patients after taking the drug from thrombosis, on the contrary, the more advanced the disease so that life-threatening. That's why we decided to choose a remedy for thrombosis, which can dissolve clots within the best time.

In the course of metabolism occurs radical (e.g. active oxygen), which leads to imminent decline and disease or organism. But it eliminates the inherent antioxidase of the body. During the dissolution of the thrombus occurs such wildly radical, but the drugs had anti-oxidation effect, so successfully cured the disease or a relapse. And we had to find thrombosed remedy with strong antiokislitelnoe.

moreover, the majority of drugs against thrombosis, tested by us, contributes to the regulation of the balance characteristic of tromborezistentnosti and krovosnabjaemah in the body and also prevent the relapse of the disease. And the disadvantages we should take into account.

in the treatment of thrombosis is also very important to prevent the acidification of body fluids. When the liquid body has a weak alkalinity and is oxidized, the increased viscosity of the blood causing arteriosclerosis, disturbance of allocation, thrombosis of brain vessels, bleeding in the brain, etc. And most of the drugs were not constrained by the acidification of body fluids. Drugs are interested in, we had to overcome such shortcomings.

We also have experienced and means of plant origin that dissolve the clot or reduce lipid. And their therapeutic effect was very weak, and after long term use they did not give noticeable effects. We needed drugs, characterized by the rapid and noticeable effects against thrombosis.

So over the years we have produced clinical trials of domestic and foreign products and finally were able to find the best remedy against thrombosis with the above. This is eat healthy food Royal Blood Fresh, which belongs to a North Korean «Pugang Pharmaceutic Company».

Royal Blood Fresh is a multi-enzyme preparation produced by activating extracted from the Korean soybean microextraction, especially thrombolytic items, soybean paste (fermented soybeans) is the Korean national food. From 100 kg of Korean soybeans is obtained 36 g. of Royal Blood Fresh (180 capsules/bottle). He did not give any adverse effect and showed the most ideal clinical result in the treatment and prevention of thrombosis.

His superiority should:

first, this drug does not contain vitamin K, clotting blood, and in abundance contains lecithin, which strengthens the walls of blood vessels. Therefore, not only when it is overdosed, but in other cases there were hemorrhages. In the existence of other thrombolytic funds before you take it do not need analysis of platelet and blood clotting, and it can be applied as a normal healthy diet, without medical supervision.

second, a higher thrombolytic effect substance – chonggokkinase (highly active nattokinase) contained in the Royal Blood Fresh, having the optimal activation within the optimal time dissolves clots and nothing too peculiar not increase blood clotting in the body. So it has been proven that as a patient can select any dosage.

third, superoxide, uninova-lytic enzyme (SOD) and antioxidant substance of the drug Royal Blood Fresh showed a very strong antioxidation in clinical practice. After his admission soon, there is an effect and cured different diseases, as it has a strong antiokislitelnoe.

fourth, Royal Blood Fresh, reinforcing the role of the active factors of plasminogen tissue and reducing blood lipid, re-gulerul balance of tromborezistentnosti and krovosnabjaemah, as well as significantly eliminating the cause of the clot.

fifth, "Helgenberger" markedly suppressing the acidification of body fluids, improves metabolism and bleed, and also prevents different frombaseline.

Sixthly, Royal Blood Fresh, obviously, is a healthy food, but optimally dissolve the clot, breaks down fats and inhibits okisliteljno, so just a few minutes (it's not as fast as the time) are removed or mitigated the symptoms of thrombosis, as numbness of the limbs.

So Royal Blood Fresh features 6 optimum therapeutic effects. He showed the perfect clinical-sky results (without side effects) in the treatment and prevention of thrombosis of cerebral vessels, and hemorrhage in the brain, harbinger of disease and syndrome of failure of mind and memory, hypertension, thrombosis, arteriosclerosis, radiation damage, toxic poisoning, early aging etc. In particular, he immediately removed the headache and heart disease that did not respond to conventional medications. It is also quickly prevented or cured the violation of blood circulation (DVT) during long sitting posture. We recommend the passengers to take this healthy food to a long journey.

Royal Blood Fresh more strongly supports seriously ill. And when a healthy person takes it, the drug not pre-visa General physiological function just clears the head and promotes its active movements.

As stated above, we, for many years conducting clinical research, could find the best remedy for thrombosis and to verify its therapeutic effect. The results of our clinical studies actively endorse medical circles and institutions of Germany, great Britain, New Zealand, Japan and many countries of the world.

currently, a «Pugang Pharmaceutic Company» every month in large quantity supplies a means of "Hel-hanbulan" in more than 30 countries. The fact that days is still growing the demand for it proves the validity of our study.

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Royal Blood Fresh

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