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Observations after applying

1. Encephalitis

This Drug was administered in the form of candles as the primary medication to treat 180 cases of epidemic Japanese encephalitis. 131 cases belonged to mild and moderate forms and severe and fulminant forms — 49 cases (of which recovered 17 people). As a result of all recovered 160 people, the overall effect of treatment was 88.9 percent, which is a noticeable difference with a group of 188 people who received only allopathic drugs manufactured in the West (the effect of 60.1%).
ANGUNG UHWANGHWAN, in which natural bezoar was replaced by synthetic, used to treat 62 cases of Japanese encephalitis, with a noticeable effect of treatment was 54.8%, of the overall effect — 75%. Patients on average for 4-6 days temperature returned to normal; in patients who were in a coma, the return of consciousness took place on average for 3-8 days.

2. Hepatic encephalopathy

This drug as a primary medication used to treat 78 cases of hepatic encephalopathy. Used to treat postoperative coma with delirium after the blockade of the portal vein (due to severe hemorrhage resulting in portal hypertension), as well as high fever, improvement was observed in all patients. 49 patients (along with taking Western medications) for the treatment of disease is also applied ANGUNG UHWANGHWAN one pill in the aqueous solution for instillation into the nose 2-3 times a day. The result is recovered 37 people, the return of consciousness amounted to an average of 2-5 days. In the group, who took only Western drugs, out of 29 people 15 were cured, returning the consciousness of the average was 5-7 days. The difference in therapeutic effect between the two groups is obvious, but the medication is best taken on an early stage of the disease.

3. Encephalopathy

This drug was used to treat 56 cases of encephalopathy. Patients took one pill a day, treatment course was 3 months, after a break of two weeks began the second course was held from two to three courses of treatment. As a result, 5 patients with brain function is fully recovered, 23 people recovery occurred to varying degrees, in 12 patients the condition was controlled, 16 people had no effect.

4. The skull fracture and brain damage

This drug is used to treat 208 patients who had injuries of the skull varying degrees and brain. Of these, 104 people took this medicine 2 times a day, one pill (3.5 g) orally or in the form of instillation into the nose in combination with diuretics, hormones, hemostatic means. Some had a surgery. Effect significant improvements were 79 people. Significant improvement as a whole was 76%. The medication was taken more than two days. Of the 104 people who took only diuretic drugs, hormones, styptic and surgical treatment, improvement is noted only 43 people, the effect was 41 %. The difference between the two groups is obvious.

5. Other diseases

ANGUNG UHWANGHWAN also used to treat the consequences of encephalitis; drug intoxication with impaired thinking; fever caused by poisoning with organophosphorus pesticides; child idiopathic hemiplegia; vertigo and headache from hypertension, numbness of the limbs. In all these cases was achieved a good therapeutic effect.

Toxicology testing

Toxicology tests. ANGUNG UHWANGHWAN poured into the stomach of the sick mice (20 g/kg), after which the motility of animals was decreased, they became calmer, and 2 hours after taking the medicine, their condition became normal. The life span of the mice increased.

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