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Interview of doctor of science Chung Seung Hoon, Director of Korean Pharmaceutical companies "Scares" special correspondent of the Japanese Kyodo Tsushin

11 Dec 2015

To Protect the independence of the person is unchanged, the political ideal of the DPRK government. As we all know, the independence of the person is at the top of the turn of the enjoyment of human rights – the right to exist, right to life, socio-political right. From the very first days after its founding the DPRK government in order to protect the independence of the person, i.e. human rights, paying most attention to the protection of life and strengthening of his health, outlined a policy of combining modern medicine with traditional, and has consistently pursued it.

In General, traditional folk medicine exists in Korea, China, Japan, India and almost all countries, of course, and in European countries. In our country, traditional medicine is called Koryo medical medicine.

In short, traditional folk medicine is based on the experience gained over the millennia, and modern medicine – laboratory methods. The story of the first medicine, there are a million years, and the history of the second medicine – about 300 years. Therefore, modern medicine allows for many cases of side effects, shortcomings and weaknesses, and traditional medicine is rich in content, and relatively few weaknesses.

For Example, modern medicine divides diabetes diabetes (increased thirst) only I and II groups, and koreska medicine for 39 groups. The development of traditional medicine considered one of the important Affairs of the state, our country occupies the first place.

In particular, in recent years, the development of medicine in our country and the health of the population there is an amazing achievement. The latest technology, build new hospitals and medical facilities. SARS, avian flu, new influenza strains, Ebola, mers, and other terrible infectious disease has spread to neighboring States, but our country has not penetrated.

Actively supporting the government's policy of combination of traditional medicine (Koryo medical science), in the early 1980-ies, our company has embarked on the invention of the best medicines of the world level.

Cerium (Ce), lanthanum (La), praseodymium (Pr), neodymium (Nd), samarium (Sm) and other light rare earth elements have mysterious medicinal effect. Already in 1940-ies in different countries of the world this became known. And their introduction into the organism of the form of inorganic nutrients was accompanied by a too strong pain, nor did I get a decent suction. Therefore, it was necessary to form a strong complex compound with a suitable organic substance and introduce it into the body.

In our country, "Kaesong" we used rare earth fertilizer for cultivation 6-year ginseng, so that rare earth elements are absorbed into the plant and built durable and safe complex compound with the polysaccharide. So rare-earth elements became organic matter. Then, by extracting the complex compound of polysaccharides and rare earth elements from ginseng and supertechnical processing, we were able to invent Kymdan-2 injection.

Modern chemical drugs are showing a lot of side effects and different negative effects. This is because their history and experience Dating back only 300 years. A "Kymdan-2" injection and other medicines traditional medicine without side effects to give amazing results. In fact, traditional medicine has multimillion history.

As we all know, Korean Kaesong Koryo-INSAM (Ginseng) thousands of years ago was used as a medicinal material in traditional medicine. With its high curative effect on the combined principles of modern medicine for the manufacture of Kymdan-2 Injection.

This product contains ginseng polysaccharides and trace elements, and converted into organic matter rare earth elements, gold, platinum, etc. They do the optimum function of the immune system, it triggers self-healing processes and normalizes the autonomic nervous system. This contributes to the rapid activation of the hypothalamus – the center of vegetative regulation, start tissue regeneration, and recovery at the cellular level, aktiviziruyutsya metabolism, grow new nerve fibers at the site of an injury.

The Immune system protects the body from infectious agents. About 20 years ago in the world circles of health unanimously began to claim that immunity not only protects the body from infectious diseases and tumors. Now for the treatment of sapsago, tuberculosisа and infectious diseases used means of immune correction.

Activation of the immune system helps to prevent or cure many chronic diseases. But if the immune system is not just stepping up, and doing optimal, no viruses can enter the body and cure almost all chronic diseases. About this confidently say many physicians in the world.

Kymdan-2 injection not only activates the immune system, and literally rebuilds and makes it optimal. Optimal immune system of the body implies a sufficient number of immune competent cells, T-lymphocytes, b-lymphocytes (natural killing cells), macrophages and also dendritic cells, to kill any viruses and pathogens. Modern Western antiviral drugs kill or inhibit the virus, but also create unfavourable conditions for other bodies and systems, causing the resistance of the pathogen to the drug. Prolonged and / or repeated application has no effect.

Recently, the head of the Centre for the promotion of first aid who is a doctor of Sciences, Professor, CVE Chan-Shik, head of the Department of Microbiology at Kazan University Professor Olga Ilinskaya and other world luminaries of medical science were the results of their research. According to him, SARS, avian flu, new flu strains, Ebola and mers viruses belong to the ribosomal RNA of the genome, which deeply penetrate into the cells, and Western antiviral drugs do not kill them, but only temporarily only suppress their reproduction. Therefore, boost immunity more effectively than using antiviral drugs, and higher ratio of prevention or cure of the disease.

That is why the emergence of infectious diseases-type ribosomal RNA-genome world competent the doctors are confident that they can be cured only "Kymdan-2" injection.

И теперь во многих странах при появлении новой инфекционной болезни, прежде всего детектировав данный вирус лабораторным методом применяя к нему разные антибиотики, изучают самые подходящие антивирусные вакцины, которые скоро переходят на серийное производство. А разработка и производство вакцины обычно занимают более одного года. За это время инфекционными Diseasesми заражается или погибает много людей.

In addition, there was a case when at the stage of laboratory testing antiviral drug showed the effect, but at the stage of mass application appeared impact, which has caused great damage in the billions of dollars.

A Method of increasing immunity to the virus by grafting a small number of special virus don't help much. For vaccine development, such as detection of viruses from emerging infectious disease and quantification of its vaccinations for immunity takes a lot of time. Meanwhile, kill a lot of people. Unfortunately, there are cases when early vaccination vaccine posilaetsya mutation of the virus and he turns into a new virus and a new vaccine loses its value.

A Competent medical scientists say that the above methods also have their superiority, but it is more effective to increase the immune system optimally to prevent or to destroy all viruses and pathogens.

The Rightness of their opinions proves a number of facts. Over the past 20 years in different countries of the world about 10 million people have used Kymdan-2 injection. Of them not one person got the infection. Approximately 2 percent of the 10 million people have been in the areas of infectious diseases, but none was infected with the disease.

On the other hand, due to the fact that the human organism is destroyed by antibiotics and other chemical drugs, because of the increased tolerance attenuated the therapeutic effect of medications and has an Allergy, medical agencies around the world recommend limiting the use of chemical drugs and widely used "Kymdan-2" injection – medication of plant origin.

Who commented that by 2050 the losses from the tolerance to antibiotic substances will be 100 trillion dollars. Experts say that increased tolerance to antibiotics rather interfere the prevention and treatment of diseases such as AIDS, tuberculosis, malaria etc.

In order to overcome tolerance to antibiotics, limit their wide application and effectively to cure various Diseases, instead they need to apply strong immunoactivity of plant origin, such as Kymdan-2 injection. No addiction, intoxication, allergies, unwanted side effects.

Modern and traditional medicine differ in many respects not only history and statistics, but also on the principles of action.

According to the techniques of modern medicine, patients with cardiovascular disease treat the heart, and patients with pulmonary pathology – lungs, also often use antibiotics, vitamins, hormonebreast, vitaminoterapiya, antipyretics and analgesics. But the method of traditional medicine that is distributed in Korea, China and Japan, based on the doctrine of the opposite principles and the five elements. Paralysis, cold, fever and weeping rash on the human body heal drug from medicinal plants, needles, moxibustion or banks. By strengthening the power of the spleen regulate the energy of other internal organs.

For Example, someone who is due to weak energy of light at dawn is suffering from cough, difficult to treat only the chemical drug, the drug of folk medicine which will restore light. He wants the cure Rumian, which strengthens the energy of the spleen. Only then strengthens the energy of the lungs and stops cough.

In other words, modern medicine acts directly on the sensitive internal organs (the cardiologist treats the heart, the pulmonologist the lungs, etc.), but in many cases need to be treated and other internal organs to a full recovery. This method will not find in modern medicine.

According to statistics, traditional medicine can cure patients more effective than modern medicine.

There is a lot of cases, when a chronic Diseases that are difficult to treat with antibiotics and other chemical drugs, is very quickly cured by traditional medicine, which is cheaper and faster.

According to the experiences of traditional medicine, "Kymdan-2" injection cures the stomach by strengthening the energy of the spleen. It is the effect stronger in more than in 20 times, unlike other drugs of folk medicine.

Today, in Europe a lot of my friends. They are jealous of what we have in the country has long been the development of traditional medicine has become a state matter, and say that in traditional medicine the European countries can't overtake Korea and other Asian countries, no matter how they tried.

Thanks to the wise leadership, passionate love to the man and the unprecedented Patriotic sacrifice of comrade Kim Jong-UN, our country becomes an advanced state of realization of the dream of good health and longevity, and the Korean people will live happily, at the highest level using rights of man and not knowing of the disease.

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