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Optimum immunity is the best defense against epidemics

4th Media, 10.2.2015
Dr Rim Il Sin, Ericon Clinic Research Institute
Dr Larisa Dmitrievna, General Director, Bogatryov Hospital, Moscow

Nowadays, the world entities of medical sciences are insisting that activation of immunity is the best prevention and cure of Ebola disease. They say that Ebola virus is a kind of ribonucleic acid – genome virus, which is similar to the virus of flu. The anti-virus medicines can only delay proliferation of such viruses without capability to kill them because they get rooted into the cells. That is right.

Ebola virus can easily destroy feeble immunity, but optimum immunity clearly defeats or annihilates the invading Ebola virus. When we say immunity is optimum, we mean that the entire immune system of a human body is fully operating and adequate quantities of the immunity cells are fully on the alert. T lymphocytes, B lymphocytes, killer cells, natural killer cells, macrophages, dendritic cells, etc. are all called immunity cells. In short, we mean that the immunity, if optimized, can defeat or annihilate all kinds of viruses invading the body.

Therefore, those furnished with optimum immunity have never been taken ill even upon invasion of Ebola and any other viruses. It has already been proved that the optimized immunity can prevent and cure Ebola disease, too.

In order to optimize your immunity you should first take physical exercises and secondly use immuno-activators. This has been proved to be true over the last 12 years.

Since 2003, when SARS (SARS corona virus) prevailed, the world has experienced prevalences of various types of Bird Flu and New Flu. During each prevalence of such epidemics, the world health entities first detected or identified the targeted virus and searched for the right killer or oppressor thereof by experimentally attacking the virus with various candidate medicines in a laboratory, whereupon the medicine thus found was put into mass-production.

By the way, this procedure took rather too long, during which time each virus was left at large causing great numbers of death tolls. Moreover, some medicines, which had been crystal clearly effective in the initial experiment, were found ineffective at the stage of mass-use, thus causing great social chaos.

Later, it was proved that the immunity against common cold is enough to defend all the above said viruses. This fact has urged the world to place priority to activation of immunity.

Some years ago, Pugang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. developed Kymdan-2 Injection (Ginseng poly-saccharides catalyzed by rare earth elements) known as a tens of times stronger herbal immuno-activator than Kaesong Koryo ginseng.

TASS and many world news media widely broadcasted the contributions made by Kymdan-2 Injection to prevention and cure of Bird Flu, New Flu, Malaria, AIDS and many other diseases.

Among those who visited the Ebola-infected regions after injection of Kymdan-2, no case of Ebola disease has been recorded. This fact vividly fore-shows the coming contribution of Kymdan-2 Injection to the campaign against Ebola disease.

Kymdan-2 Injection optimizes your immunity to an ideal extent, thus facilitating cures of so many diseases. The epidemical experts say that this injection can prevent and cure Ebola disease, too.

Upon outbreak of Ebola disease, the first stage symptoms are just the same as a malignant flu and the on-going invention of the method and agents to identify Ebola disease is not completed yet. At the first stage of the disease, when diagnosis by symptoms is impossible, first inject 3 ~ 4 ampoules of Kymdan-2 Injection, a herbal medicine or a bio-activator. Upon evidence that there has not been any negative response within 30 minutes thereafter, inject 5 ampoules (1 ~ 3 ampoules in case of a child) each time, 2 ~ 4 times every 5 minutes depending on the seriousness of the symptoms, whereupon, as our doctors staying in Africa reported, the serious epidemics such as malignant flu, New Flu, Ebola disease, Malaria, etc. got fully cured.

Nowadays, in the United States, a malignant flu is prevailing in tens of States already recording a death toll of some tens. The situation is driven to the eve of state of emergency like the past years. The US doctors reported that in prevention and cure of this flu, too, Kumdnag-2 Injection has proved to be the most effective. We have received the same reports from China, India, Indonesia and many other regions of the world, where New Flu and malignant flu are prevailing recording many casualties.

Therefore, the epidemical experts are advising that everybody should use Kymdan-2 Injection for prevention and whenever some symptoms of cold are felt, you should apply this Injection prior to accurate diagnosis.

In the present world, some new highly pathogenic viruses (e.g. H5N8 type Bird Flu) are emerging now and then, while some of the already-known viruses mutate to new types and prevail like new viruses. Therefore, the world health entities are insisting that you should not wait until new different mono-purpose medicines are invented and mass-produced against the new emerging respective viruses, but apply the multi-purpose immuno-activators such as Kymdan-2 Injection, which can defend all types of viruses.

Kymdan-2 Injection is mass-exported to over 30 countries including Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States, China, Mongolia, Cuba, Germany, Canada, the Philippines and Angola.

Top priority being placed on the health of humanity in this country, Korea will be advanced in realizing the human aspiration for longevity in sound health.

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