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Kymdan-2 Injection enjoys fame as the most effective medicine in the world.

Pugang Pharmaceutic Co., Ltd. 22.10.2015

Tass, Pravda, Xinhua, UPI, the Guardian, the Schuteron, German N-TV and many other world mass media reported that many people experienced the miracles of Kymdan-2 Injection known as Elixir of Life superseding the chemical drugs; that this Injection easily cured many malignant diseases, epidemics, flu, hemiplegia, crippled limbs, etc.; and that it has saved many critical cases after accidents.

In particular, on June 19 ~ 21, 2015 many world mass media loudly broadcasted Kymdan-2 Injections anti-Mers mechanism, whereupon it greatly contributed to extermination of Mers. According to health news, in January, 2015 in the United States during the prevalence of the devastative flu, which killed some hundreds, Kymdan-2 Injection was most effective among the medicines used then.

Kymdan-2 Injection was first registered with Ministry of Health of Korea in 1996 and ever since has been registered with 11 countries including Russia, Germany, Cuba, Mongolia, Syria, the Philippines, Armenia, etc. Today, it is being mass-exported to some 50 countries in the 5 continents.

In some countries including Mongolia, they hosted symposiums, seminars and national competitions To know Kumdang better.

Recently, in an intension to encounter the human damages caused by antibiotics and other chemical drugs and to minimize the fall of effects and absence of response caused by rise of human tolerance to such medicines, the world health entities are calling for use of Kymdan-2 Injection, a herbal medicine.

Kymdan-2 Injection is a processed formulation of extracts from Kaesong Koryo ginseng grown for 6 years in Kaesong area, DPR Korea by a rare earth fertilizer. It is composed of ginseng poly-saccharides, rare earth elements (Ce, La, Pr, Nd and Sm) and micro-quantities of gold and platinum.

Action: It facilitates revival and proliferation of cells; and by stimulating the hypothalamus, it optimizes the systems of self-curing, immunity and autonomous nerves. Further, by strengthening the spleen, it successfully cures so many diseases. (Cf: An archive of Korean traditional medicine reads Once the spleen is strengthened, all diseases shall be cured for good.)

Function: Revitalizes and multiplies cells, optimizes immunity, functions anti-virus, antibiotic, anti-allergy, anti-cancer, anti-pyretic, analgesic and anti-oxidant, expedites growth, prevents aging and gives you strength.

Indication: Cures and prevents: hepatitis, liver damage by alcohol, liver cirrhosis, liver ascites, gastrosis, colitis, pancreatitis, diabetes, thyroid diseases, autonomic nerve disorder, insomnia, debility, stomach cramp, sitotoxism, common cold and flu, New Flu, AIDS, Mers, uterine and other intestinal hemorrhages, engorgement, allergic skin diseases, cancer, various inflammations, hypotension, cardioneurosis, cancer, various inflammations, hypotension, cardioneurosis, postpartum disorders, , arrhythmia (irregular pulsation), stenocardia, rheumatic arthritis, narcotic drug addiction, spontaneous gangrene, morning sickness, etc.

*According to clinic records, the underlined cases among the above could be fully cured only by Kymdan-2 Injection.
  • Common cold and influenza have been instantly cured.
  • Upon injuries and medical operations the periods of recovery have been shortened more than 8 times.
  • Simultaneous use of Kymdan-2 Injection with antibiotics and other chemical drugs remarkably expedited the healing procedures without any adverse effects.
  • In treatments of cancer and TB, Kymdan-2 Injections single use or its joint use with other medicines have resulted in miraculous effects.
  • Eliminates facial blotches, rashes, inflammations, etc., makes the skin clear and tender, and improves facial beauty. Upon only applying the liquid of Kymdan-2 Injection on the face like cosmetic lotion without injecting it you will experience better effects than Christian Dior, SK-II, etc.
Adverse effects: None. This Injection does not contain ginseng-saponin. Therefore, it does not entail such adversities that may spontaneously be caused by ginseng.

Contra-indication: None.

Administration: Please, refer to the instruction enclosed in the package.

The Health Care for All, a British medical academic entity, stated, As compared to all other medicines, Kymdan-2 Injection is more effective and quicker in effects without adversity and is cheaper for all patients and against all diseases.

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