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A Korean American gets cured of his war-wounded legs

(Korean American National Coordinating Council)
By Dr Wang Hye Ok, Pyongyang Friendship Hospital, 15.11.2015

This is one of many many stories about Kymdan-2 Injection.

It was September 30, 2015 when Mr Hong Hung Sop, a Korean American, aged 80 (tel: 954-651-7286, E-mail:lvylee513@yat.com) residing at Lot No.8530, Street 47, North west, Coral Springs City, Florida, USA, arrived at Pyongyang to visit his brothers.

While landing from airplane, he was carried on his colleagues back with a walking stick in his hand. In the last Korean War (25.6.1950), he was wounded at the right arm and leg by the US Armys bombardment. From then he had been walking with difficulty with a stick. Before his journey to Korea, he further lost strength at the legs and fell unable to walk even with a help of stick.

In the afternoon on October 1, 2015 i.e. in one day after his arrival in Korea, he felt pain at the legs, came to our hospital (Pyongyang Friendship Hospital) and underwent injection of Kymdan-2 in a concentration dosage. Immediately after the injection, he felt a growing strength at his feeble body, his appetite improved very much and at night fell asleep deep and long.

In the morning on October 2, i.e. next day after the first injection, he got invigorated and felt strength at the legs. Therefore, he stood right up, threw away the stick and began to walk normally. He was so much happy that he ran out of his hotel room and shouted to his guide and colleagues, Look at me. Kymdan-2 Injection made me like this.. He even jumped up. Ever since, he has been able to walk free and has actually walked without stick all the ways of his visiting course. His colleagues got astonished at the unbelievable miracle, congratulated him and joined him in his jubilee.

He left Korea on October 7, 2015, until when he had every day been undergoing the said injection at our hospital, during which time he grew healthier and his face turned lively.

During consultation, I noticed that Mr Hong Hung Sop was the first son of Mr Hong Byong Ok, former journalist of Donga-ilbo(East Asia Daily) known as an important person of the case of Erasion of Japanese National Flag.

The story goes back to August, 1936, when Mr Son Gi Jong, a Korean, won the fist place at the Marathon race at the Summer Olympiad held in Berlin. At that time, the Marathon winners sports uniform bore the national flag of Japan because Korea was a Japanese colony then. Mr Hong Byong Ok erased the Japanese flag from the chest of Marathon winner when he was exhibiting the latters photo at the newspaper Donga-ilbo.

Thereupon, the then Japanese colonists suspended the newspaper and ousted Mr Hong Byong Ok and his accomplices from the newspaper office. Then, he immigrated to north-east China, wherefrom he returned home after liberation of Korea (15.8.1945). But, in 1950 during the Korean War he was killed by a US bomb in Ryonchon, South Korea. His first son Mr Hong Hung Sop in his turn was wounded by the same bomb at the same time.

In this way, I happened to eye-witness the emotional reunion of the sons of Mr Hong Byong Ok and his first sons happiness after his recovery from the wounds in the homeland, whereupon I was pleased to think that their father Mr Hong Byong Ok, a patriotic person, who is now staying in the next world, might be quite happy, too, upon knowledge thereof.

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Kumdang-2 Injection

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