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Buy Drugs from North Korea, treatment cancer
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  • Tongbanghangamso
  • Golden Blood-Fresh
  • Buy Kumdang 2, Kumdang-2, Kumdang2, Drugs from North Korea
    Kumdang-2 Injection
  • Tetrodocain Injection
  • Buy Kumdang 2, Kumdang-2, Kumdang2, Drugs from North Korea
    Kumdang-2 Injection


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I am Writing a review of the drugs presented in the company "the Doctor in Korea", because there really are positive results...
In April 2017, my father (63g.) was diagnosed with "pancreatic Cancer with liver metastasis stage 4". All doctors unanimously said this sentence, do surgery is impossible, and to live my father, if you do chemistry, max 6 months - 1 year if not to do chemo for 3-4 months. Of course, to hear such a sentence about your father, do not want anyone else. The brain in such a situation, immediately begins to look for an alternative heard.
by fate and at the recommendation of a friend the homeopath, who in our practice successfully uses the drug Tebunginako, on the Internet I found the company "the Doctor in Korea." Just want to mention a very attentive and responsive attitude of employees of the company: Tatyana Vladimirovna (the doctor) and Andrew. According to the results of correspondence consultation Tatyana has appointed father 4 drug: Topbananas (main cancer drug), kulintangan (for recovery and treatment of the liver), tetrodocain (analgesic), sorbent (to remove toxins). At the beginning of treatment (08.05.17) my dad had severe pain in the region of the pancreas, bilirubin is higher than normal in 2 times, not yellowed. A week later after beginning treatment, the pain dramatically reduced, General condition improved. A month later, the bilirubin is generally normal, but other blood counts are also within normal, tumor markers were within normal limits.
today, 3 months after the start of the course, all pain is almost gone, bilirubin normal, weight, temperature, pressure - all in a healthy person. Diagnosis father gives only the conclusion of the oncologists and the card of the cancer hospital.
it So happened that the father took the decision together with the drugs "the Doctor in Korea" to do chemotherapy. Today is the first chemistry course passed, and passed without any symptoms, it is very easy. Sure it happened, its treatment of the Korean drugs. Treatment Korean preparations continue to this day. Doctor Tatiana always always support and, if necessary, or adjust the dosage, or add/will add desired drug.Thank you so much!

sincerely, Serkov Alexander Yaroslavl.

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Review of the drug TOPBANANAS.
my name is Marina, I'm a doctor. Want to share the experience about the drug "Topbananas".
My father in March 2017. was diagnosed with esophageal Cancer with metastasis to the lungs stage 4 clinical group 4. Simultaneously with the chemotherapy he was taking the North Korean drug Topbananas. As a result of treatment achieved remission of the tumor, stabilization of growth and reduction of size of metastases and improvement in laboratory parameters (decrease in erythrocyte sedimentation rate, increased white blood cells , platelets), regression of the primary tumor focus. On the background of the drug TOPBANANAS chemotherapy tolerated without side effects. Dad passed 4 courses of chemotherapy. In response to the positive re-appointed for another 4 year.
I buy Drug in LekarKorea Andrey Ivanovich. This is a very responsible, decent, honest, reliable people. Nice to talk to him and buy the products. I'm confident in the quality of drugs in this firm.

Marina Liberova. The City Of Omsk.

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