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  • Angungsahyang
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  • Cardiovascular drug
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The efficacy of natural musk exceeds 1.3 times.

Unique effect on cerebral thrombosis, paralysis of the arms and legs, bleeding in the brain, including after injuries.

Easy-to-use, fast-acting, miniature bottle.

One package contains 6 vials with 2 g of the drug (1 pack = 12 g).

Angungsahyang effectively used as a "pocket" of resuscitation, as well as recommended at all stages of rehabilitation.


Specific fractions of the extract of natural musk.

Pharmachologic effect:

Influences on the regeneration of nerve fibers, promotes ingrowth of tissue, restores the myelin sheath. Adjusts the cerebral blood flow, improves communication between brain structures. It has a mild antispasmodic and sedative effect.


  • Ischemic and hemorrhagic stroke (3 — 5 courses);
  • hypertension (1 — 3 courses);
  • speech disorders of various etiologies (1 — 3 courses);
  • paralysis and paresis (3 — 5 courses);
  • Migraine and other headache of any location (1 — 3 courses);
  • cerebral atherosclerosis (2 — 5 courses);
  • heart disease (coronary artery disease, angina, arrhythmia, etc. 1 —. 3 courses);
  • cerebral thrombosis (3 — 6 courses);
  • head — brain injury, brain concussion (1 — 4 courses);
  • fatigue after working at the computer (1 bottle once);
  • fast recovery after undergoing infections (1 year);
  • as an adjunct in the treatment of severe infections (1 — 2 courses);
  • emergency care in the first minutes of a heart attack at any site (1 bottle once);
  • as the ambulance drug for extreme intoxication (1 bottle once, the effect will appear after 30 min.);
  • immediate effect in athletes with fatigue, the full restoration of power after 20 — 30 minutes, you can continue the competition in 10 — 15 minutes (1 bottle once, is not doping). It is recommended to apply for 10 — 15 minutes before the start of the competition.
Mode of application:

1 bottle (2d) is divided with the course of treatment of 4 — 10 parts. By appointment specialist recommended 2 — 4 times a day, ie, 1 reception 0.2 g — 0.5 g, put in your mouth and drink water or dissolve the desired amount of medication in 1/3 tablespoon of warm water. It is advisable to drink before a meal. After taking the drug the amount of food eaten is significantly reduced.

Fainting, shock – the solvent 0.5 g of 1/3 tablespoon of warm water, raise your head, open the patient's mouth and pour the medicine. If necessary, repeat 15 — 30 min.

Hypertensive crisis or severe pain in your heart & ndash; it is recommended to have a bottle with you, in case of need to take the medicine the doctor soon.

If there are a large number of chronic diseases, the first time the state of health may deteriorate slightly as at an aggravation, but quickly let it be. Acceptance of the drug should certainly continue.

Storage conditions:

At room temperature (keeping the package tightness).

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